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{Wednesday, December 08, 2004}


Wow... its been a while since I've posted anything here....oops... Guess I've been a little busy this semester... Well, my exam week is now over, and I feel like I've done rather well on all my exams, Im not sure yet about my GSCI one though, but I hope I did well. I get to go home tomorrow, which reminds me that I need to call my mom and ask her when she is comming to get me so I can sign up for a sign out time. I hope there's one left for me... =( Yeah... thats about it for now...

posted by Jenni 10:07 AM

{Friday, July 16, 2004}


Wish you were here! Love, Me (I'm at the Outer Banks for a week, so untill then, have a safe and pleasent summer, and hopefuly afterwards too....) Posted by Hello
posted by Jenni 10:48 PM

{Thursday, July 08, 2004}


I saw POA for the third time today.... and I think I have a problem....and I discovered another reason why being 20 sucks...

.......... Posted by Hello
posted by Jenni 11:31 PM

......... Posted by Hello
posted by Jenni 11:22 PM

{Monday, July 05, 2004}

Biggest Upset of The Summer

Yeah, so I was casuualy browsing nausicaa.net and clicked to read the news. Then I cliked to read the news from the past. And I got very pissed off...they delayed the dvd release of Nausicaa and the rest of the Miyazaki movies that were set to come ou the 31 of Aug. Watching an un-torn-apart version of nausicaa was going to be the highlight of my summer. And now the relesase date is uncertain. Grrrrr... I hate Disney...they always do this when they dub Miyazaki's movies.... Castle in the Sky was supose to come out back in 1999...and it didn't actualy come out untill I believe 2003, which I found out hen my roommate gave me a copy for my birthday. What the crap.... ::sigh:: well, I guess I'll give in and go buy a copy of Grave to watch, since my Nausicaa money is going to go to waste.... poop on you Disney....

....i'm verry pissed off... Posted by Hello
posted by Jenni 11:13 PM

{Tuesday, June 22, 2004}


I found this amusing........hehehe Posted by Hello
posted by Jenni 12:44 AM

{Monday, June 21, 2004}


yeah...went over bandwith limit again..sorry for the red x's...
posted by Jenni 12:25 AM

{Wednesday, June 16, 2004}


Ok, I've seen this in a few peoples bloggs, so I decided to do it. I've put my media player on shuffel for all the music on my computer and these are the first 15 that cycle through.
1. A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton
2. F***ing in Rythm and Sorrow- The Sugarcubes
3. Eat the Menu- The Sugarcubes (ok, start shuffeling better)
4. Play Dead- Bjork
5. Modir- Bjork (yeah... there is alot of icelandic Bjork songs in here...)
6. No Such Thing- John Mayer
7. My Fart Will Go On- Weird Al (hahahahahhahaa!!! I forgot about that one =P)
8. Birthday (Icelandic Version)- The Sugarcubes (ok, enough already, I know I have more than that)
9. Wrapped Around Your Finger (Cover)- Tori Amos
10. Duvet- BOA
11. Requiem- Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind Soundtrack
12. Deep Water- Jewel
13. High and Dry- Radiohead
14. Engel- Rammsteine
15. I'm Trading My Sorrows- Darrl Evans

well, that was an interesting mix, from Bjork to Contemporary Christian. Heheh, ok, I'm done now! byE!
posted by Jenni 11:49 PM

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